Tasmanian Canoe Club Winter Whitewater Wanderlust

This winter (starting in May) Tasmanian canoe club will be running 6 white water trips on grade 2-3 water in the Northern Tasmanian Region.

These trips are for members and visitors who would like to meet regularly to socialise and paddle some of the great rivers we have in our “backyard”

Each trip has been chosen to be accessible for beginner paddlers, who have done some paddling before but are ready to take their skills from the Forth (Slalom) site out into big wild water world.

For more details and announcements of the location and times of the trips, please visit our Facebook page.

Winter Whitewater Wanderlust Trip 1 – Forth River, Tasmania

Date: May 6

Time: 10am -till early afternoon

Meeting Point: Tasmanian Canoe Club – Wilmont Rd Forth

Trip Details: Paddle from Paloona Dam back to Tasmanian Canoe club – perhaps twice depending on enthusiasm!

Trip Organiser: Russell Horton – ph 040 025 5946

Please note: this trip is subject to water availability and the venue may change or be cancelled.

Visit our Facebook page, as all arrangements and last minute changes will be posted on our page.

Winter Whitewater Wanderlust - Forth trip Tasmania