History of the Tasmanian Canoe Club

Tasmanian Canoe Club History

In 1969, Mr Carl Clayton had just bought a kayak and had his photo taken with it and published in the Advocate. Along with the picture, Carl invited any interested paddlers to turn up with their kayaks at the Ulverstone rowing club and join him in a paddle on the Leven River. Eight people replied and including Carl and his wife Sally, the ten of them set off for the trip. The other paddlers were Fred and Lyn Dutton, Don Beaton, Alan Jolly, Neil Drury, Tom Bottle, Graeme Sutton and Dave Atkinson. Thus the Tasmanian Canoe Club was formed.

Monthly meetings of the club were held as well as social events and of course, paddling. The first competition of the club was held in October 1971, a race from Paloona Dam to Turners Beach on the Forth River. This became an annual event and a slightly shorter race is still held every year.

In March 1972 a permanent slalom site was created at Forth on the river beside the Scully family property. All of the equipment and the course were washed away in September of that year but a new course was built.

In 1977 the Tasmanian Canoe Club along with four other registered clubs formed the Tasmanian Canoe Association.

The membership for the Tasmanian Canoe Club peaked in 1980 with 119 members. Many of these were family members so actual membership was around 300.

The Number of members has fluctuated greatly since 1980 and the club now consists of about 80-100 members.  The Tasmanian Canoe Club caters for all disciplines of paddling, including Slalom, Down River Racing, Creeking, Flat Water, Sea Kayaking, Canoe Polo and Playboating. Paddlers of all levels of experience are welcome to come along!